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Make a pop-out card, to express your love. A pop-out card that carries a Theme, more than just a normal love card, or a pop-out card. Where a moving picture is better than a million words. Visit this pop-out cards that offers a dimension. Express your fantasies and dreams in a pop-out, that blow your love one away. Yes in Cardsofhearts, you will explore the new world of POP-OUT LOVE CARDs

Friday, August 25, 2006

Make Your own Pop-out love Cards

Love is a sensation, words can never be enough to describe. How can one express his love for someone he truly cares and feels for? And there are thousands of ways to do that. How can you make yours special, so he/she could feel special?

In the world of internet, e-cards are everywhere, but once you are away from your computer, it's gone. There is a moment of delight and a flash of smile will be seen on her face, but you might not see it from your side of the monitor. And soon it will be erase from the memory. e-cards are are not tangible, and are highly volatile. Make an impression that lasts.

Want to give your love ones a surprise, something he/she would never expect? Something others would never get. Give her something unique? make him/her unique.

Themetic pop-out love cards, Make a card that is full of love, surprise and mulit-dimensional, a momento to keep for life.

The art of pop-out cards is diminishing, due to the fact that they are hugely work of art and tell little stories. Love cards can be found off the shelves but while its the words that touch. There isn't much to see.

In this site, I would like to share how you could pack your heart, love and feelings and even dreams into a card. And it will POP right into the receiver, taking them by surprise.


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