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Make a pop-out card, to express your love. A pop-out card that carries a Theme, more than just a normal love card, or a pop-out card. Where a moving picture is better than a million words. Visit this pop-out cards that offers a dimension. Express your fantasies and dreams in a pop-out, that blow your love one away. Yes in Cardsofhearts, you will explore the new world of POP-OUT LOVE CARDs

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new Pop-up Card design on the way

Well, its not exactly new. Its about 7th month old. I made this card for my Girl last valentine's. I was thinking of how can I create a spectacular card to express my feeling for her?? I have had stars spelling her names in my previous card to her, what can I do next??

We were watching fireworks one evening.. And the display was spectacular!! Awesome. Mindblowing... beyond words.. and suddenly a new idea pops into my mind..

What If i could have the fireworks exploding into her Name Flash across the sky!
I can't possibly made fireworks or afford one..So I decided to recreate the senerio into a POP-OUT card. That is how the idea was concieved. I will be showing my Work in progress in the next few post. Check back for updates


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