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Make a pop-out card, to express your love. A pop-out card that carries a Theme, more than just a normal love card, or a pop-out card. Where a moving picture is better than a million words. Visit this pop-out cards that offers a dimension. Express your fantasies and dreams in a pop-out, that blow your love one away. Yes in Cardsofhearts, you will explore the new world of POP-OUT LOVE CARDs

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First Look of how the New Pop-out card

As promised in Yesterday's post, I have uploaded Pictures of my a new Pop-out Card design, I shall name this "Celebrate our Love", When the card is opened, The "Dance Floor" will extend towards the edge of the card and the couple dancing will moves forward "poping out" from the background. And at the same time My Girlfriend's name will be lighted up. Depicting Fireworks spelling up her name. And to further enhanced the "Fire Works "effect, as the card opens, on the left top corner you will notice a bundle of shiny strips blossoming as the card opens. All in all to create a fireworks exploding in the sky as the couple enjoy the dance.

I will be showing a few other pictures of the cover decorated. Please stay tuned.


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