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Thursday, December 13, 2007

You can add an insert if you find the background too plain.

An example of how the insert should look like. This should be printed on a tracing or translucent paper to give a
"faded" effect.

They should get closer...

And yes, I totally agree. Its a season of joy and love its Christmas. Lover should get closer..

You can use this cut line template if you wish the 2 characters to get closer instead of further like the first one.

How the finished Pop-out card will look like

Just a clip to give you a better idea how it would work.

The making of the Christmas Pop-out card.

To begin, you will need to have a few texture paper with substantial hardness. As you are afterall making a card. And since it's gonna be a pop-out card you will need one with sufficient strength.

The couple below is an example of the 2 characters which will appear when the card opens. However, do go ahead do put in your own drawing if you like.

This will be part of the cover page. Do note that the center portion of the card is left blank. Which is meant to be cut out.. and layer a piece of Transparency underneath.

And the "Snow Flakes" will be the cover page. They are split 1/2 as you will under stand why soon.

And finally the background. As you can see there are 2 fold lines.

At this point, I have no shown how each pieces are to be joint to each other or the pop-out mechanism.

A Christmas card for that special someone.

This card was designed a year ago... how time has passed.
I have since gotten married (http://whenjeffmeetscindy.blogspot.com) and a beautiful baby (www.travisten.blogspot.com)

Some time ago I got a message from someone who was interested to make a Christmas card for someone special. And so I decided that I should share...

The card should look something like that. When its closed you can see snow flakes floating down.

When the card is opened you will see 2 love birds enjoying beautiful white Christmas.

I will post the templates and the material required in my next post.
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